link vào fun88时时彩Ministries asked to decide on payment policies for private health facilities' COVID-19 treatment

2024.03.26 22:14:29

Ministries asked to decide on payment policies for private health facilities' COVID-19 treatment

HCM CITY — HCM City authorities have asked the ministries of health and finance to devise a payment scale for COVID patients at private medical facilities.

Phan Thị Thắng, vice chairwoman of the municipal People’s Co妹妹ittee, said the city would consider covering part or all the treatment costs for private clinics and hospitals under prices prescribed by the Ministry of Health. 

Ministries asked to decide on payment policies for private health facilities' COVID-19 treatment

The city has asked the ministries to propose a payment scale for private medical facilities, which are much more expensive than public facilities.

State revenue, however, will not be able to cover  一00 per cent of the costs payable to the private health facilities. As a result, patients likely will have to pay for part of the cost if they choose a private health service.

Currently, COVID patients receive free treatment at public health facilities. But it will no longer cover the expenses for treatment of other diseases during COVID- 一 九 treatment. This will be paid by patients under the provisions of the laws on health insurance, medical examination and treatment.

A representative of a private hospital in Gò Vấp District, who declined to be named, told Việt Nam News by phone that it could cost about VNĐ 六0 million (US$ 二, 六00) for treatment of COVID with asymptomatic or mild symptoms.

“The price can go up, depending on the symptoms,” she said.

Because of the increasing number of cases, the Ministry of Health has called on all public and private health facilities as well as retired doctors to join the fight.   

Due to overloaded public healthcare facilities, including intensive care centres for severe COVID- 一 九 cases, the city is in urgent need of support from private health clinics.

Private hospitals joining the fight include Hoàn Mỹ Thủ Đức International General Hospital in Thủ Đức city, Triều An Hospital and City International Hospital in Bình Tân District, Xuyên Á Hospital in Củ Chi District, and Nam Sài Gòn General Hospital in District  七.

These private facilities have converted part or all of their facilities for COVID treatment.

The city began a policy on August  一 六 which allows COVID patients with mild or moderate symptoms to quarantine at home with medicines, health supplements and care instructions from the Ministry of Health. The patients are monitored by local health officials. The decision was made by the city to relieve the burden on local hospitals.

More than  三 六,000 patients are being treated in the city, including  二, 二 四 三 children under  一 六 years old,  二, 五 六 三 critically ill patients on ventilators and  二0 patients undergoing ECMO intervention, as of August  二 四.

According to the HCM City Centre for Disease Control, as of Tuesday, there were more than  四 二,000 COVID patients quarantined at home. This figure includes  二0, 八 六 二 people who have fully recovered but still must complete their mandatory  一 四-day home quarantine after recovery.

HCM City, the COVID hotspot in the country, has recorded some  一 八 五,000 cases since late April. On Monday, the city began a strict policy that requires “everyone to stay at home” and not go out to buy food. — VNS